Speech from Paweł Kolodziejski


The Civil Association POLISH HOUSE was founded almost 20 years ago, in 1996. The founders and members of the association are Former Prime Ministers, Ministers, Members of Polish Parliament, Entrepreneurs, Culture&Art’s representatives, and Diplomats….:

Our activity is broad and diversified, however most important areas are as follows:

-we organize students’ internships, addressing the World and Europe situation’ topics/themes

-we organize manyseminars and conferences focused on globalization issues, and driving Cultures and religious’ studies/cognition

-we publish our conclusions in a quarterly published newsletter

- our strong focus is to work with international organizations with the same principalsin other countries. We have had many years of successful cooperation in China, Germany, and Ukraine.

In order to build this great experience and involve also young people, we organize many students’exchanges between Germany, Belarus and Poland.

Obviously our longest and strongest partnerships have been with China and organizations based here.


Our partnership with Chinese Association for International Understanding CAFIU has been ongoing for 25 years. We have recently celebrated our 25 – th anniversary of the friendship and good relations between the Chinese Association for International Understanding and the Civil Association Polish House. I am super proud of that fact.

Together with our Chinese Friends in Poland, we have organized many special events on this occasion. In June 2017, we hosted a special delegation led by Mr. Ai Ping – CAFIU vicepresident. At the same time, we organized in Warsaw an international conference “Role of non – governmental organizations within the framework of activating the silk route”.

The Polish House and Chinese Association for International Understanding organize exchange of delegates on a regular basis, every two years. Last year, during the visit of the President of China Mr. Xi Jinping in Poland, our association organized a photographic exhibition “Beautiful Poland – Beautiful China”, that was opened by the Deputy Minister of State Council.

At our invitation, in May 2016 the Deputy Head of the Information Department of the Communist Party of China had led a meeting in the Column Hall of the Warsaw University, and then in November 2016 the Minister of Foreign Affairs Communist Party of China gave a speech (lecture) on the Silk Road Reactivation Initiative at the Staszic Palace in Warsaw.

In 2012 we organized an International Conference “Europe – China”. We also published a book: “Role of non – governmental social organizations in Polish – Chinese cooperation “

Together with the Information Department of the State Council, we have co – organized the days of Tibetan Culture in Warsaw.

We have published six books with a broad description of Polish – Chinese events and cooperation.

An important part of our activity has been a process of establishing contacts between local governments of cities in Poland and China.

We have managed to bring together museums in Poland and China.

On the basis of mutual recommendations, our organizations have received prominent representatives of public life in China and in Poland: Former President of Poland Mr. Aleksander Kwasniewski and Former Prime Ministers Mr. Leszek Miller and Mr. Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, and the Representatives of Important Chinese Institutions: He Guongwei and Wang Zhizhen. 

We also have to remember about our contacts over the years with representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw and the Polish Embassy in Beijing.

Another Chinese organization, that we have been working with for almost 20 years is CHINA ECONOMIC COOPERATION CENTER. This is an organization that brings a thought leadership in the economic area of China. We have also had an opportunity to host representatives of ECC in Poland and set up contacts and business relationships with Polish companies in the Chinese market.

I am incredibly pleasedrepresenting my association on “The First Silk Road NGO Network Cooperation Forum”

I want to thank the Chinese representatives for this initiative and I wish to all of you a lot of successes in building this multi – year project.