The gift for International Mothers ’Day--COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Online Communication and Exchange Conference between China and South Africa were successfully held



On May 10, Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network, Peaceland Foundation, China House, The Amity Foundation, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and SANCO co-hosted the China-South Africa COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Online Communication and Exchange Conference. The topic involved health management experience of maternal women, as well as the diagnosis and prevention experiences of COVID-19. This event is the eighth serial activity under Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network.

Mr.Richard Mdakane, President of SANCO, gave his video opening remarks and pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge facing us all. The only way to address the pandemic is through worldwide cooperation. China has provided South Africa with many assistance and experience, including wearing masks in public places, social distancing, lockdowns and so forth, which are conducive to the containment of the virus in South Africa. He believes that in the post-pandemic world, the NGOs of the two countries should carry out dialogues with each other, sharing respective experience and lessons to better prepare ourselves for the next pandemic outbreak.

Nearly 100 representatives from governmental departments, NGOs, medical institutions, including Chinese Embassy in South Africa, UNICEF in China, African National Congress Women's League, SANCO, The Community Constituency Covid-19 Front, Bible society of South Africa, Bible Society of Swaziland, Bible Society of Zimbabwe, Volunteer Southern Africa,South African Shark Conservancy, Somali Women's Development Center, South Africa-China Economy and Trade Association, South Africa CMP Publishing House, South Africa Christian Art Publishers, as well as South African doctors and oversea Chinese students attended the event.

A sharing session about health management experience for maternal women and infants was also included since the conference was held on the International Mothers ’Day. Doctor Ma Liangkun from Peking Union Medical College Hospital was invited to proffer her suggestions for maternal women on psychological adjustment, home-quarantine, self-protection against COVID-19, and what to do in case of fever or other symptoms. At the end, she also answered relevant questions from the participants. Doctor Liu Xiaolu, Attending Doctor of ICU of Shanghai Minhang TCM Hospital, centered round the diagnosis and prevention of COVID-19 and answered questions on the route of transmission, the susceptible groups, and other questions of interests from the audience.

Previously, Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network has hosted seven COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Online Communication and Exchange Conferences and shared Chinese experience on the prevention and control of COVID-19 to the medical institutions, NGOs and research institutes in Lebanon, Nepal, Cambodia, Kenya, Myanmar, Egypt, and Ethiopia.