Health Kits Against COVID-19 From SIRONET


In the past weeks, SIRONET has worked together with its partner organisations in hosting nine online conferences, aiming at sharing experience of fighting against covid-19. All parties engaged have expressed their hope for having the PPT made by Chinese medical experts for further reference, so we worked on the translation of those materials into English. Meanwhile, considering the needs of pregnant women and children, we have also incorporated some free animation videos downloaded from the Internet. With all these together, we made this health kits, a gift from SIRONET.



The kits can be used by SIRONET member organisations only for public welfare purpose. Please indicate the source when forwarding. If one or more of the files are used for purposes other than public welfare, please contact the author(s) or producer(s) in the principle of respect for Intellectual Property Rights. The SIRONET Secretariat assumes no responsibility for any IPR disputes concerning improper use of the files.


How to prevent COVID-19——A Gift for Kids from SIRONET


How to prevent COVID-19——A Gift for New Mothers from SIRONET