Cooperation Outcomes of SIRONET Member Organizations to Promote People-to-people Connectivity along the Belt and Road Initiative in Next Three Years


I. Livelihood Cooperation and Donation

1. China Foundation for Peace and Development (CFPD) and Myanmar Alinyaung Foundation co-built 9 schools.

2. China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation launched Paukphaw Scholarship Project in Myanmar provides financial assistance to poor university students; and Smiling Children Project to provide free breakfast and lunch to starving kids in Ethiopia and Sudan.

3. China Charity Alliance, China Public Diplomacy Association, Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, Aier Eye Hospital Group Co Ltd and Yunnan NGO Friendly Exchanges Foundation launched Brightness Action on the Mekong River, which provides free cataract surgeries for thousands of patients, as well as eye test for teenagers to prevent shortsightedness.

4. China Volunteer Service Federation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, China Volunteer Service Foundation and Beijing Volunteer Service Federation send volunteers to neighboring countries to provide one year service in education, disability assistance and skills training.

5. China International Contractors Association facilitates member companies in operating livelihood programs in more than 20 Asian and African countries, including building schools and hospitals, digging wells, providing medical assistance, charity and disaster relief.

6. China-Asia Economic Development Association conducted energy saving and environmentally friendly programs in over 20 Asian countries.

7. Amity Foundation raised nearly millions of dollars for post-disaster reconstruction projects in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, etc.

8. Yunnan International NGO Society worked together with Myanmar NGOs for “One TV for Each Temple” Program.


II. Capacity Building and Talent Exchanges

1. China Association for NGO Cooperation invested over 500,000 dollars in job creation program in Cambodian communities, as well as a program in Uzbekistan to enhance women capabilities and economic opportunities

2. China Family Planning Association launched the Belt and Road Teenagers Program on Sex, Reproductive Health and AIDS prevention in over 300 schools overseas.

3. Chinese Medical Association founded the Belt and Road Medical Corridor Health Service Platform, so as to build regular cooperation mechanism with medical associations from over 10 countries.

4. China Education Association for International Exchange launched International cultural exchange program to exchange students with nearly 10 Southeast Asian and Central and Eastern European countries.

5. RAMUNION founded Silk Road NGO Emergency Rescue Coordination Organization, helping countries along the Silk Road train rescue staff and conduct rescue drills.

6. Dragon Design Foundation built green designing institutes in 10 countries along the Belt and Road Initiative to help cultivate talents for green design and promote cooperation in green technology

7. Renmin University of China launched the Belt and Road International Business Talent Program, awarding Master’s Degree on international business.

8. Zhongguancun Belt and Road Industrial Promotion Association unfolded the Vine Project to attract over 10,000 overseas students and recommend over 1000 overseas students to intern or work in companies, benefiting more than 100 businesses.

9. Promotion Association for Mountain-River-Lake Regional Sustainable Development launched capacity building programs on using solar energy in the rural areas of Philippines, Sri Lanka and India.

10. Yunnan Promotion Society on Women and Children worked with Myanmar NGOs on talent exchange program with Myanmar women organizations.

11. China Foundation for Peace and Development founded a talent training center in Quetta, Pakistan.


III. Promoting Development

1. China Federation of Industrial Economics founded in 2016 the Belt and Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance, planning to build industrial parks with partner countries.

2. China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises initiated a Belt and Road program for small and medium enterprises, which advocates the founding of China-CEEC Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises and co-build industrial parks with foreign partners.

3. All-China Environment Federation invested one million RMB to build an information platform for China’s overseas investment, which releases information on major projects with huge environmental impact.

4. Fujian Hongbo Opto-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.launched Hongbo Heart-to-heart Project that provides over 500 jobs for women. It also had campaigns to disseminate traditional Chinese culture and improve public awareness for environmental protection.


IV. Cultural Exchange

1. The Great Wall Society of China plans to make a thematic Belt and Road TV program called “China in dialogue with the world-Starting from the Great Wall”.

2. Chinese Culture Promotion Society established China-Mongolia-Russia Tea Road Society and organized many tea culture events.

3. China Artists Association held Chinese art exhibitions globally, especially in Belt and Road countries, and conducted overseas training programs for middle-aged and young artists.

4. The World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion built Chinese medical acupuncture and moxibustion centers in Italy, Russia, Mauritius and Seychelles, providing Chinese medical treatment, education and training.

5. China Soong Ching Ling Foundation worked with ASEAN countries and member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization on youth cultural and sports exchange programs.

6. Hebei Provincial Red Cross Society organized youth exchange programs between local Red Cross Societies in China and ROK.


V. Exchange Mechanism

1. All-China Women’s Federation hold China-Europe and China-France Symposium on Gender Equality, China-Arab Women’s Forum, and worked with Women's Council of the China-Russia Friendship, Peace and Development Committee to advance gender equality.

2. China Law Society organized the International Forum on China’s Rule of Law and Symposium on Legal Risks and Policies of International Commerce.

3. The Red Cross Society of China hosted Belt and Road Humanitarian Cooperation Forum, which invited over 100 senior officials from foreign Red Cross Societies, in order to build a platform for humanitarian cooperation and regional multilateral consultative mechanism.

4. China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational Corporations held “Multinationals 10+10 Bilateral Forum”.

5. The Silk Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University organized international symposia including “Four New Great Inventions” to promote cultural exchange.

6. Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation invested nearly 100 million RMB to hold annual forums, build overseas Chinese museums and promote economic development in 20 Belt and Road countries.

7. China NGO Network for International Exchanges (CNIE) assisted its member organizations in signing bilateral cooperation agreements with Cambodian NGOs.

8. China NGO Network for International Exchanges (CNIE) signed a framework agreement with Tanzania-China Friendship Promotion Association and Polish House Civic Association.