Speech from Ilhomjon HAMIDOV


Ilhomjon HAMIDOV,

Head of Department on affairs with youth

CEC of People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan,

Vice-Chairman of the Republican Organization ofYouth

"SozandagoniVatan"(“Creators of the Motherland"),



Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, dear guests, friends, colleagues and participants of The First Silk Road NGO Network Cooperation Forum. I am very happy to be with you here today and want to represent thousands of young people - members of the Public Youth Organization, the youth wings of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan - "SozandagoniVatan" ("Creators of the Motherland"). I want to begin my speech with the lines of the great poet, Hero of the Tajik country MirzoTursunzade. He said:

To tavoni, dustonro gum makun

Dustonimehrubonro gum makun,

Dar jahon be dust budanmushkilast,

Mushkiloskunkansonro gum makun.

The meaning of the mentioned line is this: never lose your friends, cherish them, take care of them, in a huge world it is hard to be without a friend, because they will always help you and support you.

Recently, the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing. The congress elected a new composition of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China under the leadership of Secretary-General Xi Jinping. It is well known that the congress is considered a very important friendly event in the life of China and Tajikistan, convened at the decisive stage of the complete construction of an advanced society and at the key moment when socialism enters with Chinese characteristics in a new era. It is important for the future development of China. We always feel the concept of "proximity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness".

The principles of joint consultation and construction of a modern society and the active promotion of international cooperation within the framework of "One Belt and One Way" makes "One Belt and One Way" a path of openness, prosperity and civilization for the benefit of all countries of the world.

The friendship of our peoples is rooted in the distant past. 2000-year Great Silk Road and 500 km. The common border is closely connected with our peoples. It has been 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries. The People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan highly appreciates the friendly cooperation between the Communist Party of China.

The topic of this Forum is interesting. First, non-governmental organizations of the Great Silk Road are a large part of society. It's young people. It is very important for us to be original, uneasy. We create our own special life styles, clothes, organizations, magazines, music. And as say the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan His Excellency EmomaliRahmon, "Youth is the future of the nation".

We are convinced that the Silk Road NGO can play a very important role in regulating relations even between Silk Road countries. It is natural that NGOs of states along the Silk Road co-operate in different formats, including, along with traditional interstate meetings, these are forums and meetings. We consider it’s necessary to develop a permanent dialogue between NGOs and the youth elite in order to strengthen the special culture of communication that has long been established between our peoples, united by history itself.

The Silk Road NGO Cooperation can be a platform that will help NGOs find a balanced version of pluralism management, taking into account the diversity and originality in our countries and will give the expected results.

Undoubtedly, misunderstandings and tensions are possible between our countries and cultures, but for their solution, it is necessary to have objective information and have strong ties, which is possible only through our constructive dialogue.

Today the younger generation has a completely different thinking; they want to keep pace with the times.

First of all, we expect that we will be heard. This forum is a good opportunity to announce your organization. We hope for new acquaintances and solutions to many problems through discussion and scientific analysis. We view the forum platform as a continuous NGO dialogue to strengthen further communication.

We also have the honor to inform you that, under the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan, the Public Youth Organization "Creators of Motherland" has been active for more than 6 years. The organization was created on the initiative of the Founder of the Peace and National Unity - His Excellency EmomaliRahmon. Taking into account the fact that young people in our country today turned into a great creative and progressive force, Public organization "SozandagoniVatan" ("Creators of the Motherland"), which has already taken its rightful place among the younger generation. Today in the country for the benefit of society, work about 150 youth NGOs. To this day, "SozandagoniVatan" has conducted more than 10,000 events of a socio-political nature. These events are growing day by day.

We distributed more than 1.5 million leaflets and brochures. International annual actions "Roads of Unity", "My President", "Week of" SozandagoniVatan "in the regions of the country", "25 creative weeks" - far from complete list of our events. Representatives of the organization operate in all regions of the country. We are convinced that our experience can be studied by other public organizations. We also believe that we ourselves have something to work on.

We are sure that the forum will meet people who do not just share feelings of each other, have common memories and aspirations related to the future. Here, those who are ready to mobilize positive forces in all corners of Silk Road for the benefit of all mankind will gather here. It is felt that this platform from the first days of operation will become a center for promoting creative ideas, friendship and dialogue between NGO representatives, truthfulness, and the dignity of the person necessary for us.

Dear participants of The First Silk Road NGO Network Cooperation Forum.

The education of the Silk Road generation through an NGO that will be trusted by the future, giving importance to national values ​​based on the world, respecting different cultures and religions and mastering ethical norms, will strengthen the hope for the future of the Silk Road NGO Network Cooperation Forum.

So, what we offer:

·        develop links between different communities and NGOs of the countries of Silk Road;

·        analyze the problems, shortcomings and trends in the development of NGO policy in the countries of Silk Road;

·        strengthen the position and role of young intellectuals, as well as involve them in the development processes in their host countries.

We also support the idea of supporting cultural exchange between the countries of Silk Road and the holding of NGO forums. We welcome the establishment of the International Academy of the Silk Road.

The leadership of the Public Youth Organization "Creators of Motherland" is convinced that progress will be realized only one way - through education. In this direction, it is necessary to work on motivation, secularization of education and science, and the use of new technologies.

I would like to emphasize and underscore that today Tajikistan, as an independent and sovereign state, taking its foreign and domestic policy for the near and far future, as a full member of the world community, is steadily moving towards the planned political, economic and moral goals.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude once again for the great honor of delivering a speech at the plenary meeting of this event.

Thank you.