Latest News of SIRONET International Exchanges(2018.1-2018.6)


In order to share the latest news of member organizations and related organizations, and promote mutual learning of all organizations in terms of international exchanges, from 2018, we will collect and publish information and stories of SIRONET member organizations. All organizations are encouraged to contact with us by and share their good practice in terms of international exchanges.


Latest News of SIRONET International Exchanges



In January, 13 young volunteers of the eighth group of Chinese Young Volunteers Overseas Service Program arrived in Seychelles and started their one-year voluntary service. The Chinese Young Volunteers Overseas Service Program was jointly organized by the Central Committee of Communist Youth League of China and Ministry of Commerce, and this program has totally dispatched more than 700 excellent volunteers to more than 20 countries for carrying out voluntary service. In 2018, the program will continue to send young volunteers to a number of countries such as Laos, Seychelles and Brunei. The recruitment for the ninth group of volunteers for Laos has started.


In January, Gansu Provincial NGO Network for International Exchanges, in cooperation with Gansu Provincial UNESCO Association, organized three big events, namely “Gansu Provincial Pre-school Education Study Group Visiting Russia”, “Gansu Study Group of Representatives from the Sectors of Education, Science, Culture and Health Care Visiting Russia and Gansu Peoples Chorus in RussiaDunhuang Theatre Chorus and Performances in Russia, attracting the participation of more than 120 people. These activities offered excellent opportunities and platforms for participating institutions to entrench cooperation with Russia, strengthen planning and contact, improve commercial environment, and deepen people-to-people exchanges.


On January 10, the Dialogue between Parliament Speakers of North Europe and the Baltic Countries and Chinese Young Entrepreneurs was staged in Beijing. The Dialogue was presided by Wang Hongyan, Vice President of All-China Youth Federation. Centering on the theme of “innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and connectivity”, Finland Parliament Speaker Lohela, Norway Parliament Speaker Tomasson, Iceland Parliament Speaker Sigfusson, Estonia Parliament Speaker Nestor, Latvia Parliament Speaker Murniece, Lithuania Parliament Speaker Pranckietis and Sweden Parliament First Deputy Speaker Fenne made thorough and frank dialogues with more than 30 members of China Youth Entrepreneurs Association.


In January 11, the inaugural meeting of Sichuan Provincial NGO Network for International Exchanges was staged in Chengdu. More than 150 people, mainly heads of member organizations and related departments, took part in the meeting. Zhu Hexin, Deputy Governor of Sichuan Province, Liu Jie, Associate Chairman of Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Sichuan and President of Sichuan Provincial NGO Network for International Exchanges, Wang Yajun, the then Assistant Secretary of International Department of Central Committee of CPC (now Vice President of International Department of Central Committee of CPC) and adviser of China NGO Network for International Exchanges and head of Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges attended and addressed the meeting. Sichuan Provincial NGO Network for International Exchanges boasts 67 member organizations, covering social organizations, research institutions and enterprises.


From January 12 to 16, a Chinese delegation headed by Zhu Hongren, Executive Vice President and Director-General of China Enterprise Confederation visited Confederation of Finnish Industries and Latvia Employers’ Federation, and discussed topics on macro economic situation, enterprise operating environment of both countries, the labor market, digital economy, employer organizations and member service of Finland. Confederation of Finnish Industries serves for the interest of enterprises and employers of all sectors. It boasts 25 member associations and 16,000 member enterprises, covering 930,000 employees of Finland. In Latvia, the delegation met with Latvia Prime Minister Kucinskis.


From January 20 to 26, the “2018 Annual Conference on Programs of Education and International Exchanges” organized by Amity Foundation was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Education volunteers participating in the meeting shared their service experience in China, and discussed with local partners the management experience on international youth voluntary programs. International youth volunteer program started in the early 2000s and has now established long-term cooperation relationship with NGOs of more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea, attracting some 1,500 person*time volunteers visiting China for exchanges.


From January 22 to 27, representatives of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies were invited to attend the 142th executive committee meeting of World Health Organization (WHO). The World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies called on WHO to enlist enhancing the development of traditional medicine into 2019-2023 General Program of Work, and accelerate the enactment of normative documents guiding the practice of acupuncture and other forms of traditional medicine, such as ICD-11, acupuncture clinic practice and education guide. This proposal was approved by WHO.


From January 24 to 28, at the invitation of Thailand Journalists Association, All-China Journalists Association sent representatives to attend the ASEAN Journalists Federation Conference in Bangkok as observers. The Thailand Prime Minister Prayuth sent a congratulatory letter to the conference. The conference accepted Cambodia Journalists Club as the eighth member organization of ASEAN Journalists Federation, elected new leadership, revised related articles, signed the Bangkok Declaration and issued the 2018-2020 Action Plan. As the only observer from outside the ASEAN region, All-China Journalists Association made excellent exchanges with the journalist organizations attending the meeting.


On January 26, China Association for Friendship staged in Beijing the New Spring Reception for foreign ambassadors in China. More than 70 ambassadors from over 40 countries and international organizations participated in the reception. General-Director Chen Zhimin introduced the work on public diplomacy carried out by the Association and extended appreciation to ambassadors for attention and support to the Association.


On January 27, the Second Pak-China Medical Congress & Belt and Road Forum of Medical Associations was held in Beijing. This Congress was sponsored by Chinese Medical Association and organized by Beijing Medical Association. Representatives of World Medical Association, medical science organizations and medical institutions from countries such as Pakistan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Sri Lanka and Thailand presented the meeting. The Second Pak-China Medical Congress was held in accordance with the content of memorandum of jointly building “China-Pakistan Medical Corridor” between the two countries. In January 2016, the First Pak-China Medical Congress was staged in Karachi, Pakistan.


On January 30, the inauguration ceremony of nine Sino-Myanmar “Silk Road Friend” schools sponsored by China Foundation for Peace and Development was held in a Primary School of Moby Town, Rangoon Division, Myanmar. More than 300 people presented the inauguration ceremony, composed of Rangoon Division Secretary of Union Solidarity and Development Party Tarvin, President Nay Lin of Myanmar Alinyaung Foundation, representatives of project management committee of nine schools, representatives of teachers, pupils and villagers. When these projects were finished, they will directly serve more than 1,200 pupils from nine nearby villagesimproving their education environment and solving the difficulties of school attendance faced by local teenagers. These projects are expected to finish and put into use in September 2018.


On January 31, the Forum on the first anniversary of Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Activities of Overseas Non-governmental Organizations in the Mainland of China themed “new start, new opportunities, new development” jointly organized by China Association for Friendship, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Institute for Philanthropy of Tsinghua University was staged in Beijing. Over 100 representatives attended the forum, including 37 representatives from overseas NGOs in China, representatives of five Chinese organizations including China NGO Network for International Exchanges, heads of registration authorities and professional authorities, as well as experts and scholars.


On February 1, World Tourism Cities Federation, Moroccan National Tourism Authority and Casablanca Municipal Government jointly organized the China-Moroccan Tourism Cooperation Forum. The theme of the forum was Belt and Road and China-Moroccan Tourism Cooperation. More than 100 people took part in the forum, including representatives of renowned Chinese tourism agencies, representatives of African countries and tourism experts. The forum will boost China-Moroccan tourism cooperation, promote tourism cooperation among countries alongside the Belt and Road, upgrade tourism products, enhance people-to-people exchange and strengthen opening up and cooperation on innovation.


On February 6, a Symposium Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship organized by Chinese Association for International Understanding was staged in Beijing. Liu Hongcai, former Vice Minister of International Department of Central Committee of CPC attended and addressed the meeting. Representatives from institutions such as All-China Youth Federation, China-Japan Friendship Association, All-China Women’s Federation and China Workers’ Center for International Exchanges. More than 30 people presented the symposium, including representatives of Japanese NGOs visiting China, Beijing branch of Japanese non-governmental organizations and institutions.


From February 9 to 25, the 23th Winter Olympic Games was staged in Pyeongchang-gun of South Korea. 113 Chinese volunteers stack out from 1,345 applicants all over the country and went to Pyeongchang offering voluntary service for Games. In Pyeongchang, they shouldered jobs such as award etiquette service, Olympic Village service, game service, Olympic Family service and media operations. China Volunteer Service Federation allotted “Chinese Volunteers” uniforms and badges for all Chinese volunteers of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.


On February 10, Pawlak, former Poland Prime Minister and Polish Co-Chair of Joint Committee for Advancement of the Belt and Road between Poland and China, and Ludwikowki, Polish Director General of Joint Committee for Advancement of the Belt and Road Between Poland and China met with Yu Jin, Director of China Region Development & Reform Institute and Chinese Director General of Joint Committee for Advancement of the Belt and Road between Poland and China. Both sides discussed issues such as “Belt and Road” related programs and “Visegrad Group + Chinese Think Tanks” cooperation platform. Centering on “Sino-Polish Think Tank 2017 Warsaw Dialogue” and Warsaw Consensus 2017, they probed into cooperation on China-Poland Think Tank Industry Park.


From February 24 to 28, representatives of All-China Environment Federation visited South Africa and presented the Meetings Africa 2018 Expo. The delegation carried out extensive exchanges with National Conference Bureau of South Africa and other institutions and enterprises, learned about major practice and plan of African exhibition industry in environmental protection and promoting sustainable development, introduced major achievements of All-China Environment Federation in promoting environmental protection and participating in international environmental affairs, as well as programs on strengthening cooperation with Africa on promoting “green” “Belt and Road” construction.


In March, the Red Cross Society of China started the dispatching of the second medical team aiding Pakistan. The Society plans to send 9 people to Pakistan to continue the job on pre-hospital care, medical care and training. In May 2017, the construction of China-Pakistan Fraternity Emergency Care Center sponsored by Red Cross Society of China was finished in Gwadar Port. In September 2017, the Red Cross Society of China purchased medical equipment and ambulances for the Center and in cooperation with National Health and Family Planning Commission of China, the society sent the first 13-member overseas medical aid team to Pakistan for medical service, with a service term of two years.


In March, Traversing the Poles of Earth & Scientific Expedition on Global Climate Change program planned and participated by the Great Wall Society of China was launched. In order to secure the successful implementation of the program, responsible persons of international department of the Society paid an official visit to Embassy of Nepal in China. Nepal ambassador expressed his support to this program and willingness of building bridges of exchanges and cooperation between NGOs of two countries and the Nepal Embassy will offer facilitation in terms of visa, customs and government related affairs.


From March 4 to 11, a three-member Chinese delegation of news workers headed by Xue Ying, executive director of Center of Global Issues of Xinhua News Agency, dispatched by All-China Journalists Association presented the World Journalists Conference in South Korea. In accordance with the arrangements of the conference, centering around the theme “the role of media in promoting denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and world peace”, delegation member delivered keynote speech in the conference.


On March 6, the graduation ceremony of Ethiopia women vocational training program organized by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation was staged. This program was sponsored by CGCOC Group and jointly organized by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the Office of the First Lady of Ethiopia and Center of Women Economic Empowerment of Ethiopia. It plans to offer training on traditional handicraft skills to 100 Ethiopian women within two years. A number of officials presented the ceremony, including officials from the Office of the First Lady of Ethiopia, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Deputy Mayor of Lalibela. Media such as Xinhua News Agency and Ethiopia National Television covered the ceremony on spot.


On March 7, during the 37th session of United Nations Human Rights Council, China Society for Human Rights Studies staged the side expo themed “Tibetan culture preservation and development” at Palace of Nations in Geneva, displaying efforts and achievements of Tibet in protecting and developing traditional culture. More than 60 people, mainly officials from national governments of different countries, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, as well as experts and scholars, journalists presented the expo. This is the first time for Chinese non-governmental organizations to stage themed side expo on Tibet at Palace of Nations in Geneva.


On March 8, a delegation headed by Tan Jian, Deputy Director of Department of Legal Affairs, China Chamber of International Commerce presented the public hearing of investigation according to United States Special 301 Clause in Washington D.C., and expressed stance and opinion on behalf of commercial and industry circle of China. The public hearing was organized by Office of United States Trade Representative and ten governmental departments, including the State Department and Labor Department of United States. Besides the Chinese side, representatives of 21 other countries, associations and chambers made statements in court.


On March 11, under the support of Beijing NGOs Network for International Exchanges, a study tour delegation of the 29th “five star award” winners, mainly freshmen of The University of Kitakyushu of Japan arrived in China for a visit. During their visit in China, the delegation traveled Beijing, Changchun, Hangzhou and Shanghai, seeing and feeling the new-era China. The study tour delegation was organized by Japan Association of Chinese Language Teaching, in an aim to strengthen people-to-people exchanges and friendship between the youth of two countries. So far, more than 500 Japanese university students have participated in the study tour.


From March 11 to 13, China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association, in cooperation with China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center, China Environmental Protection Foundation, All-China Environment Federation, local environmental organizations and environmental enterprises carried out ecological and environmental organizations exchanges events in Laos. The delegations respectively exchanged views with representatives of nine local environmental non-government organizations include Laos Rural Research and Development Promotion Association, Laos Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Laos-China Economic and Trade Promotion Association, and Chinese enterprises in Laos.


On March 15, after discussion, the secretariat of the Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network (SIRONET) decided to accept 19 organizations as member organizations of the Network, including Association of Arab-China Cooperation and Development (Lebanon), Bangladesh-China Association for People’s Friendship, Hong Kong Volunteer Association, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Sichuan Association of Ecological and Cultural Development for Panda. SIRONET was founded in November 21, 2017 and has now 294 Chinese and foreign member organizations from more than 60 countries.


On March 19, the Symposium on Developing New Approaches in Social Governance in New Era & Kick off Meeting for NGOs Participating in Public Service and Social Governance hosted by China NGO Network for International Exchanges was staged in Beijing. Long Yongtu, former Chief Negotiator and Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation delivered a keynote speech on the symposium. Chang Hexi, Party Secretary of China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges and Chris Wood, Envoy and Deputy Head of Delegation of The European Union to China addressed the symposium. 73 guests presented the meetingcoming from government departments, social organizations, international institutions, research institutes, enterprises and media.


On April 9 to 10, the First People’s Forum of Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. The forum was jointly staged by China NGO Network for International Exchanges and the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province. More than 80 participants atttended the forum, including former political leaders and people from civil organizations, think tanks and the media of SCO member countries, observer countries, dialogue-partner countries. Centering around the theme “promote regional peace and development, create a community with a shared future for mankind: the mission of non-governmental organizations”, participants made in-depth exchanges on the forum. The Xi’an Declaration of the First SCO People’s Forum was approved.


April witnessed the China-US Young Scholars Dialogue organized by China Federation of Industrial Economics. US scholars from National Committee on American Foreign Policy, Johns Hopkins University, Program of Latin-America and the World under Inter-American Dialogue, Trivium China Consulting, Private Equity International, Center for Chinese and American Studies and The RAND Corporation, and Chinese experts from Chinese Electronics Standardization Association, CRRC Corporation Limited, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences discussed on topics such as cooperation in terms of manufacturing sectors between US and China.


On April 17 to 26, a delegation of China Education Association for International Exchange headed by President Liu Limin visited Spain, Belgium and France. This visit will strengthen the educational exchange and cooperation between China and the above three countries, the UNESCO and the European Union under the framework of Sino-French and Sino-European high-level people-to-people dialogue. In France, Liu Limin met with Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, introduced to her the Chinese educational achievements achieved during the past 40 years since reform and opening up and the development in recent years, and invited her to present the 2018 China Annual Conference for International Education & Expo.


On April 22 to 24, the first centralized training of capacity building platform of “Chinese NGOs’ participation in South-South Cooperation and contribution to the 2030 agenda” was held in United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) China. Jointly organized by China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges and UNDP, the training was aimed at encouraging Chinese NGOs to actively take part in South-South Cooperation, promoting mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges between the people of China and the rest of the world, and contributing to the realization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 45 representatives from 26 social organizations nationwide participated in the training.


On April 23, the China-Cambodia exchange camp themed “promote the all-round development of workers and strengthen capacity building of labour unions” under the framework of “Belt and Road” people-to-people exchanges of labour union of China was launched in Beijing. In November 2017, the All-China Federation of Trade Union and the Forum of Federation for Civil Society Organizations of Cambodia signed the Memorandum of Workers’ Exchange and Cooperation between China and Cambodia in the first cooperation network forum of NGOs from countries alongside the Belt and Road. The camp was the first event under the framework of the Memorandum. This camp will last to April 29 and participants will visit Beijing and Jiangsu for carrying out exchange activities.


On April 23 to 25, the Latin-America Tourism Conference of World Tourism Cities Federation was held in Bogota, capital of Columbia. This conference was an international tourism conference targeted at one region, which was jointly organized by World Tourism Cities Federation and the Municipal Government of Bogota. More than 200 representatives from nine countries, namely China, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, the United States and Ecuador presented the meeting. This is the first time for World Tourism Cities Federation to organize an international tourism conference targeted at one region in Latin America. It is also a beneficial exploration by a China-based international organization to respond to the “Belt and Road” initiative.


On April 24, the international department of All-China Environment Federation convened the conference of Documentary of Climate Change Conference. Representatives of Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, Global Energy Internet Development and Cooperation Organization, China Champions for Climate Action, China Youth Climate Action Network as well as the media such as and BTV presented the meeting. The recording of official documentary of UN Climate Change Conference will start in May. It will first finish the recording of the conferences of Bonn and Poland within the year and present them on the spot of 2018 UN Climate Change Conference.


On May 8, the “Cambodia brightness action & opening ceremony of the second bright action” under the framework of Lantsang-Mekong River bright action was staged in Duanhua School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Sponsored by China Public Diplomacy Association and organized by Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, Aier Eye Hospital and Eye Care Foundation, in May 6 to 13, the Lantsang-Mekong River bright action organized two medical teams for Phnom Penh and Sihanouk of Cambodia as well as Vientiane and Naji Shawan of Laos, offering service such as eye health examination, eye health education course, spectacles donation. These activities attracted the participation of 3,400 people and about 20% of them received spectacles donation.


On May 9, the Federation of Cyber Social Organizations of China was founded in Beijing. It was the first national coordinated and centralized social organization voluntarily formed by cyber social organizations. There are 300 founding members, including 23 national cyber social organizations and 277 local cyber social organizations. In its founding conference, the federation launched the Initiative of Integrating On-line and Off-line Communities and Promoting the Building of Internet Power, calling on members actively participate in cyber international people-to-people diplomacy, strengthen dialogue and cooperation with international internet institutions, promote the building of global internet sharing and governance platform.


On May 10, the Symposium of Sino-Africa Science & Technology Cooperation under the framework of the “Belt and Road” was held in Zhejiang Normal University. More than 80 people presented the meeting, composed of Chinese scholars and experts as well as people from scientific circle of South Sudan, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia. In 2016, the Research Center of Africa Science & Technology Affairs of Zhejiang Normal University was listed into the first group “Belt and Road” cooperation platform programs for international science & technology organizations by China Association for Science and Technology. The Center has established the database of Africa science & technology organizations, and has formed a series of influential achievements typified by Annual Report on Africa Science & Technology Affairs.


On May 11, the “Silk Road on fingerInternational Female Handicraft Development Forum” jointly organized by All-China Women’s Federation and the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province was staged in Xi’an. With the theme of “New Era, New Silk Road, New Women, New Development”, this forum attracted the participation of more than 160 guests and craftsmen from countries and regions alongside the Silk Road. They made in-depth exchange on three topics, namely “female handicraft and cultural heritage” “female handicraft and international exchange” “female handicraft & entrepreneurship and employment”.


On May 13 to 20, the delegation of China Law Society headed by Vice President Zhang Mingqi attended the Eighth St. Petersburg International Legal Forum in St. Petersburg and the Sixth International Science and Practice Conference themed “IT and Law (2018 informationization of law) in Minsk, and carried out rule of law exchange activities in an aim to strengthen pragmatic cooperation on rule of law. The delegation introduced to foreign counterparts the significance of “Belt and Road” initiative and the achievements in related areas since the proposing of the initiative five years ago, thus strengthening understanding, friendship and trust, as well as enlarging consensus and cooperation.


On May 14, China Region Development & Reform Institute signed strategic cooperative frame agreement with 2020 Foundation of Romania Black Sea Organization. The two sides will carry out in-depth exchange on the aspects of Sino-Romania relations, the “Belt and Road” initiative, 16+1 cooperation, cooperation between China and Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization. They also initiated the establishment of “China + Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization think tank dialogue mechanism and platform”, in an effort to enhance cultural understanding among people of both sides. In the contracting ceremony, they also organized dialogue between think tanks.


On May 16, the first Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Women’s Forum organized by All-China Women’s Federation opened in Beijing. The theme of the forum was “unite the force of women and promote common development”. More than 200 people attended the meeting, mainly political leaders, responsible persons of women organizations, scholars and experts from SCO member countries, observer countries, dialogue-partner countries, as well as representatives of Embassies of SCO countries in China, the SCO Secretariat, and UN related institutions. The representatives carried out discussion and exchange on three topics, namely “women and innovative development” “women and the beautiful world” “women and mutual beneficial cooperation”.


On May 16, under the joint efforts of the UN Association of China, the coordination office of the Grand Canal cultural belt construction of Jiangsu, the municipal government of Yangzhou and World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organization, the 2018 Cooperation Conference of Old Towns alongside World Historic Canals was staged in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. The theme of the conference was the “sustainable development of Old Towns alongside World Historic Canals”. More than 300 people presented the meeting, mainly representatives, scholars and experts from over 70 historic canal towns.


On May 16 to 21, the 2018 training course for young volunteers for UN & reserve talents of international voluntary service jointly organized by Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Beijing Volunteer Service Federation was held in Beijing. Via the training, 60 volunteers become reserve talents of international voluntary service. Since 2007, the Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League of Beijing and Beijing Volunteer Service Federation, in cooperation with UNV and CICETE, has been carrying out cooperation projects on international voluntary service.


On May 19 to 20, the first World Acupuncture Forum & Exchange Conference of Traditional Medicine Industry under the framework of “Belt and Road” Chinese Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture Exhibition organized by World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies was held in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. This conference was jointly sponsored by Forum of Chinese Traditional Medicine of Overseas Chinese, World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies, China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association and World Federation of Service Trading of Chinese Tradition Medicine, and organized by Argentina Chinese Acupuncture Culture Society. More than 500 acupuncture experts and representatives of Chinese traditional medicine companies from 18 countries and regions presented the meeting.


On May 25 to 27, the 2018 World Manufacturing Convention jointly staged by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the People’s Government of Anhui Province, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Industry Federation of Germany and Global Alliance of SMEs was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. With the theme “Embrace the Global New Industrial Revolution with Innovative Manufacturing”, there will be a series of activities under the convention, including forums, industrial connectivity, program promotion, exhibitions. More than 3,000 people attended the meeting, including government officials, executives of manufacturing businesses, scholars and experts of all countries.


On May 27 to 29, the 2018 Beijing International Forum jointly organized by Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, the Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League of Beijing and the People’s Government of Xicheng District was held in Beijing. With the theme “promote people-to-people friendship and strengthen affinity between the people”, the forum attracted the participation of 80 people from social organizations of nearly 30 countries, including the United States, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, as well as another 200 representatives from China, foreign embassies in China, Beijing offices of international organizations, foreign experts and students living China.


On May 27, the “package donations activities for kids” organized by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation was held in the South-West Region Surkhet of Nepal. The 781 bags donated via this activity will facilitate the strengthening of relations between cooperating communities of China and Nepal and the implementing of cooperative programs between two sides. The package donation program has now lasted for nine years and has benefited over 5 million children of under-developed regions of China. In 2016, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation extended coverage of the program to Nepal, and more than 4,000 Nepal kids of earthquake-stricken areas has felt the warmth from Chinese people.


On May 28, the China Trade Union “Belt and Road” People-to-People Exchange & SCO Vocational Skill Exchange Camp opened in Beijing. Representatives from 18 SCO related countries gathered together and probed into vocational skill development of staff of SCO member countries. This event is one of the important measures of China in performing the duties of its rotating presidency and implementing the consensus of strengthening people-to-people exchange reached by the Astana Summit. Activities of the camp will be staged in Beijing and Shandong Province. Responsible persons of International Department of the Central Committee of CPC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, All-China Federation of Trade Union and State Administration of Radio and Television presented the opening ceremony.


On May 28, the “Belt and Road” Environmental-Friendly Technologies Promotion Conference jointly organized by Dragon Design Foundation, China Information Industrial Design Institute and Green Design Institute was staged in China National Convention Center. Members of “Belt and Road” green innovation round table mechanism issued the Beijing Initiative, in an effort to continually strengthen communication and exchange with science & technology associations of “Belt and Road” countries and promote pragmatic cooperation. More than 100 representatives, coming from All-China Environment Federation, High-Tech Transformation Center of Ministry of Science & Technology, China Office of UNEP as well as overseas students from “Belt and Road” countries, presented the conference.


On May 29, the Third Overseas Chinese New Media Forum was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Themed “Integrating the New Epoch: The Mission and Responsibility of Chinese Media”, the forum was staged by Overseas Edition of People’s Daily and the People’s Government of Hangzhou Municipality. More than 300 people, composed of responsible persons of 165 overseas Chinese new media from 53 countries and regions, renowned scholars and experts, journalists participated in the forum and carried out discussion and exchange on topics such as “introducing new-epoch China and deliver positive energy” “innovative development of Hangzhou” “AI and the future of new media”.


On May 29, the 5th Meeting of China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium themed “Strengthening China-CEEC Educational Cooperation and Cultivate Innovative Talents” was held in Shenzhen University. Presidents of 24 CEEC universities and 110 Chinese universities presented the meeting. Representatives of education departments of all countries, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), China Scholarship Council and China Education Association for International Exchange delivered speeches respectively, sharing practical experience on promoting educational cooperation between China and CEEC. The website of exchange platform of China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium was also launched on the meeting.


On May 30, the 2018 Beijing International Symposium on Science Popularization Methodologies jointly organized by Beijing Association for Science and Technology and Beijing Municipal Education Commission was held in Beijing. This symposium was joined by science popularization experts from the United States, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Germany and Czech. This symposium is one of the active measures taken by Beijing Association for Science and Technology after it joined the non-governmental organization cooperation network for countries alongside the Belt and Road, thus effectively promoting the affinity among the people and scientific exchange among scientists. Marielza Oliveira, Director of the UNESCO Office in Beijing sent a congratulatory letter to the meeting and China NGO Network for International Exchanges offered great support to the symposium as a supporting entity.


On May 31, the SCO Media Beijing Forum jointly organized by China Public Diplomacy Association, the Beijing Municipal Information Office and Radio Beijing Corporation was held. Representatives of 6 Beijing media, namely Radio Beijing Corporation, Beijing Daily, BTV, Beijing Evening, Beijing Youth Daily and and 13 mainstream media of 8 countries, such as Tass of Russia, The Indian Express, Pakistan Independent News Agency, the Hovar State News Agency of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan National Radio and Television Corporation carried out discussion on the theme “integration, innovation and win-win cooperation”.


Late May witnessed a young volunteer delegation of Beijing visited Nepal and Thailand attending the “Belt and Road” international volunteers’ camp and carrying out publicizing job. This is the first such delegation dispatched by Beijing. Themed “voluntary community”, the camp aims to integrate international resource of voluntary service, connect them with voluntary service team of universities based in Beijing, accelerate the training and development of international young volunteer team, build new-type partnership and coordinating platform for volunteers, reserve voluntary service talents for the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics, and create a good atmosphere of international exchange. The camp obtained support and facilitation from Nepal Youth Federation, Ministry of Youth and Children of Thailand and many voluntary service organizations and research institutions.


On June 1, the First Media Summit of SCO opened in Beijing and Chinese President Xi Jinping sent the summit a congratulatory letter. Themed “Carrying forward Shanghai Spirit and Open the New Epoch of Media Cooperation”, the summit launched the First Media Summit of SCO Initiative of Strengthening Media Cooperation and Exchange, and signed a series of cooperation contracts and memorandums on media cooperation and exchange. More than 260 representatives, mainly responsible persons of department of media affairs and mainstream media as well as related sectors of SCO countries, presented the opening ceremony.


On June 1, the 2018 World Green Design Forum Yangzhou Summit opened. More than 100 representatives from China, South Korea and other countries gathered and planned green development. On the summit, Yangzhou signed Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation with World Green Design Organizations and other organizations, working together to promote green tourism in Yangzhou. Adopting the philosophy of efficiency and pragmatism, the forum focused on local industries of Yangzhou and promoting the implementation of cooperative achievements. During the summit, some facilitating activities were held, such as the forum of green daily chemical industry and forum of green baby and children’s garments.


On June 5 to 14, a delegation of China Society for Human Rights Studies headed by President Qiangba Puncog visited Spain, Italy and Austria. During the visit, the delegation extensively got in touch with government departments, parliaments, national human rights institutions, think tanks, China-related friendship associations and media of three countries, introducing the great progress and development ideas of human right over the past 40 years since reform and opening up, especially that after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Counterparts of three countries appreciated the achievements of China in terms of human rights and the contribution of China to the cause of international human rights.


On June 7 to 8, the 9th International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Forum sponsored by China International Contractors Association and Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute was staged in Macao. Themed “Cultivate New Momentum of Development, Enhance Infrastructure Development and Connectivity”, this forum probed into the ways new development momentum in terms of infrastructure development and international cooperation via the methods of innovation, technological upgrading, pattern transformation to promote the infrastructure development and connectivity of the “Belt and Road”. More than 1,800 representatives, from political, business and financial circles of 66 countries and regions as well as over 20 international organizations attended the forum.


On June 7, Xiong Meng, Vice-President and Secretary-General of China Federation of Industrial Economics met with Karunasena Kodituwakku, Ambassador of Sri Lanka in China, discussing the plan of Forum of Sino-Sri Lanka Trade and Economic Cooperation & Industrial and Commercial Projects Coordination which will be held in the Embassy of Sri Lanka in China in September. On November 28 to 29, 2017, the Forum of Economic Cooperation for Enterprises of Sri Lanka and China was staged in Sri Lanka and turned out to be a great success. In May 30, Paulidor Kholner, former Sri Lanka Ambassador to UN visited China Federation of Industrial Economics, recommending to continue staging similar activities in China this year.


On June 7, the Sino-Africa Forum on Wildlife Protection Cooperation was held in Wits University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Themed “Wildlife Protection: China will Become One of the Major Forces”, the forum was launched by institutions such as China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, Global Max Media Group, Nature Guardian Wildlife Conservation Center and China House, in an effort to enhance the cooperation between China and South Africa on wildlife conservation. Nearly 200 representatives, coming from non-governmental organizations, consulates, Chinese businesses in Africa, Overseas Chinese in Africa, government departments and media of both China and Africa presented the forum.


On June 9, photo exhibition on Chinese anti-poaching volunteers working in Africa jointly organized by Beijing Pinglan Non-Profit Foundation, Center for Public Diplomacy Studies of Beijing Foreign Studies University and China-Zimbabwe Wildlife Foundation opened in the Library of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Meanwhile, the Pinglan International Forum on Cooperation on Social Welfare Development was held. Participating organizations such as Tencent Foundation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, China Social Welfare Foundation and China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Allievation probed into the international development of social organizations together. The photo exhibition will last to June 30.


On June 9, Zheng Wantong, Vice-Chairman of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and President of China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational Corporations met with Dmitri Fedorovich Ustinov, Chairman of Committee of Economic Policy of Federal Council of the Russian Federation Conference, former Secretary-General of SCO, President of China-Russia Friendship Association. Zheng Wantong invited Ustinov organize a delegation and present the 11th International Corporations Leaders Roundtable which will be held in Tianjin in November, and they also exchanged on the “Sino-Russia Business Leaders 20+20 Cooperation Forum”a bilateral conference mechanism in planning under the framework of “International Corporations Leaders Roundtable”.


On June 9, the symposium of Sino-US relations themed “Sino-US Relations in the New EraChallenges and Prospects” jointly organized by China Association for Friendship and Beijing Foreign Studies University was staged in Beijing. Celebrities such as Christopher Hill, former Deputy Secretary of State of United States, Bob Houghton, former Governor of Missouri, and Shi Yinhong, professor of international relations at Renmin University of China presented the conference and made in-depth discussion on topics such as the history and implications, the status quo and challenges, and future prospects of Sino-US relations.


On June 15, the Beijing conference of non-governmental organization cooperation network from countries alongside the Belt and Road organized by Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality was held. 21 cooperation network member based in Beijing attended the meeting. Zhu Rui, Secretary-General of Secretariat of the cooperation network exchanged with presenting organizations on topics such as the status quo of the network, the responsibilities of its members, the service of the Secretariat. Focusing on their own job, Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges, Beijing Sub-Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Beijing Association for Science and Technology took part in the discussion. Xiong Jiuling, Director of Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges proposed recommendations to participating organizations on their next step job.


On June 20, the “Belt and Road” journalist organization forum organized by All-China Journalists Association was held in Beijing. The theme of the forum was “build new mechanism of news exchange and cooperation under the framework of ‘Belt and Road’”. Nearly 100 responsible persons of journalist organizations and media representatives from 47 countries and regions presented the forum, including 24 presidents and vice presidents of national and regional journalist organizations. This is the first time for China to hold an international conference of responsible persons of journalist organizations with people from so many countries and with such high ranks. The forum approved the “Belt and Road” Journalist Organization Cooperation Consensus. All-China Journalists Association signed “Belt and Road” Contract of News Cooperation and Exchange with journalist organizations from more than 20 countries and regions.


On June 22, the founding ceremony of Italy-China Council for the Promotion of National Trade was staged in Florence, Italy. Wang Fuguo, from Consulate of China in Florence and Lan Jun, Party Secretary of China Council for the Promotion of National Trade addressed the ceremony. Nearly 500 people, mainly residents from Chinese communities all over Italy and Chinese living in Italy presented the ceremony. On the ceremony, China Council for the Promotion of National Trade signed strategic cooperative contract with Italy Council for Promotion of National Trade. The She Performing Arts Team from Zhejiang Province contributed colorful national song and dance programs.


On June 22, Liu Kaiyang, Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Association for International Understanding attended and addressed the Conference between UN and NGOs with Consultative Status of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) held in the New York headquarter of UN. This conference was organized by NGO Committee of ECOSOC and invited more than representatives of NGOs with Consultative Status to attend and address the conference. Chinese Association for International Understanding was the only Chinese NGO to be invited.


On June 23 to 24, the 2018 World SME Conference & the Second “Belt and Road” SME Cooperation Forum was held in Beijing. Themed “Promote Connectivity and Mutual Learning, Realize Win-Win Cooperation”, the conference was sponsored by China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises and supported by Silk Road Think Tank Association, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. More than 1,000 guest, mainly representatives from enterprises and statesmen from more than 30 countries and international organizations presented the conference.


On June 24, the Third China-Africa Youth Gala entering Sichuan was held in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province. This event was jointly organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the People’s Government of Sichuan Province. More than 100 youth representatives from 53 Africa countries and the committee of Africa Union as well as more than 40 Chinese youth representatives started their four-day visit in Sichuan. In Sichuan, the representatives visited the China Panda Conservation Center and Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and exchanged with local students.


On June 25 to 26, the 2018 BRICS NGO Forum was held in Johannesburg of South Africa. Themed “BRICS and 2063 Agenda”, the forum was jointly organized by South Africa Economic Justice Network and South Africa National Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences. More than 100 representatives of NGOs from South Africa, China, India, Russia and other developing countries presented the forum. Representatives of a number of Chinese NGOs, namely China NGO Network for International Exchanges, China Association for NGO Cooperation and Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges attended the meeting.


On June 27, the “Belt and Road” International Alliance was founded in Hong Kong and convened its first round table conference for alliance members. The members of the alliance composed of more than 110 government departments, industrial organizations, academic institutions and enterprises from 29 countries and regions, such as Hong Kong, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Burma and the United Kingdom. There are six members from mainland China, namely All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China International Contractors Association, Asia Merger & Acquisition Association, Fudan University and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.


On June 27, the 10th APEC Small & Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Themed “Innovation Promotes Development, Cooperation Create Future”, this fair was organized by organizations led by China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, and established 2,000 exhibition positions, covering all 21 economies of APEC. A series of supporting activities was staged at the same time with the fair, including APEC Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation and Cooperation Conference, APEC Small & Medium Enterprises Digital Economic Forum, APEC Small & Medium Enterprises Environmental Protection and IT Industry Cooperation Forum & Contact Meeting, Sino-Russia Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation Development Forum & Negotiation Meeting, Innovative Application and International Cooperation Summit of New Material and New Technologies.


On June 28, the 2018 China-Europe Seminar on Human Rights jointly organized by China Society for Human Rights and International Institute of Human Rights was held in the College of Europe located in Bruges of Belgium. More than 60 scholars and experts from both China and Europe discussed on the theme “cultural diversity and human right protection”. The China-Europe Seminar was a high-level exchange platform on human rights established by China Society for Human Rights and was held annually.


On June 29, the “Belt and Road” Sino-Africa Conference on Exchange of Professionals was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. This conference was jointly organized by China-Africa Business Council and School of International Education of Hangzhou Normal University, in an aim to establish a platform of exchange between Africa students in Hangzhou and enterprises of both China and Africa, and offer more learning and working opportunities for these students. Some 100 representatives, composed of international students, representatives of enterprises and institutions such as Zhejiang Federation of Industry & Commerce, Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, Zhejiang Provincial Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China-Africa Business Council and Hangzhou Normal University, presented the conference.